Sponsorvalue Hellas S.A. conducts detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis for the level of visibility scored by a sponsorship, a club, an event or any other activity in the Media (Television, Press, Internet and Social Media).

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The visibility is measured by the duration of broadcasting (or the number of references in Press, Internet and the Social Media) combined with the viewership achieved by the particular sponsorship (or with the dedicated “space” occupied in Press, the Internet’s traffic and mentions in Social Media).

The Media analysis produces an index which measures “how much is the visibility” of a specific sponsorship, club, event or any other activity. This index is then compared with corresponding indices so it can support sponsors in the making decisions process and help them answer the following questions:

  • Which tean should I sponsor?
  • In which sponsorship program should I focus?
  • Which event is most appealing to the targeted market?

Moreover, Media Analysis answers to questions like:

  • Which Media channels, newspapers, magazines , internet portals cover the sponsorship program?
  • What is the quality of this coverage?
  • How many are the people reached by the sponsorship program? Which is their profile?